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Paleolithic culture in Japan

So far, there was at least 5000 Paleolithic sites in Japan . The discovery of the first Paleolithic site was made at Iwajuku (Gunma prefecture). Sugihara (in Imamura, 1996) claimed, based on the variation of stone tools from Iwajuku, the progress of tool types of Paleolithic in Japan roughly can be designated as follows: handaxes knife-shape tool - leaf-shape spearhead - microblade.

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It is a name of a fossilized cranium of Homo erectus found in kampung Tanjung, Sangiran on May 1993. Therefore, it is also labeled as Tjg-1993.05. The announcement of this find had been carried out by Sartono and Tyler in the International conference on Human Paleoecology held at Jakarta on October 1993. The comparison of this cranium with other Homo erectus’s cranium from Sangiran, Ngandong, Trinil as well as Zhoukoudian from China had been done and it was published by Arif et.al., in 2001 and 2002. Currently, Skull IX is housed at the Department of Geology, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.

Late Professor Sartono said that Skull IX was found by Mr.Sugeng, a local farmer (now he has passed away), at kampung Tanjung when he was walking down a cliff. Although Skull IX was a surface find, Sartono and Tyler (1993) claimed that it possibly came from the level of Upper Tuff of the Bapang (Kabuh) formation.

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