August 2017
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#sydney: new friends

It’s been two months since we arrived in Sydney.

We met many new friends:

  • Peppa Pig and her friends (it’s a she not a he right?), who likes to jump on mud a lot. (note: even a pig has an official website)
  • Charlie and Lola (siblings who live upstairs)
  • Ben and Holly (and story about little people in the near by Little Kingdom)
  • Octonauts (stories about a pack of cats? Exploring deep sea in an advanced-under water vehicle called Octopod. They even have gone to Mariana Trench. Imagine that).
  • Koika or is it Kioka? Didn’t quite catch her name the first time we met. She likes to wear thick winter coat.
  • Next door Playschool
  • there’s always Elmo from Sesame Street (just a few blocks from where we live)
  • Bee Hive on a cypress tree near our playground

Can you imagine how to remember them all. :-)

#sydney Vote…

Pulang “nyoblos”. TPS no 15, diadakan di Gedung Klasik Town Hall Parramatta.

[MD] Writemonkey for Markdown editor


blogging with markdown using write monkey

I have used MoU on my MBA, now I try its equivalent on Win7 machine. Namely [writemonkey] (

just type your text block all of part of text then hit “ctrl+shift+h”, and there’s your html code in the memory. You can paste it in your blog html editor then post it afterwards.

If you expect writemonkey’s interface to be as complicated as Microsoft Word then you’re wrong. It only shows a floating small window (that you can make in to full screen).

It’s good for fast note-taking app, because it loads in a flash so you won’t let your ideas fly away. try it…